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“Child Custody” and “Visitation Rights” have been replaced with “time-sharing.”

Child Custody

The term “child custody” and the term “visitation rights” are no longer utilized today. “Child Custody” and “Visitation Rights” have been replaced with “time-sharing.” Time-sharing can be sought through a divorce action, if the parties that are filing for divorce have children which were born of the marriage, or time-sharing can be sought through a paternity action (where the child(ren) was born to unwed parents. Please refer to the Paternity page for more information about Paternity actions. There are several factors that a judge must consider when deciding what type or percentage of time-sharing to award both parents. Such factors can be found in Section 61.13 of the Florida Statutes. Ultimately the Court is concerned with the best interests of the child(ren). If time-sharing is going to be a factor in your divorce action, or in the alternative if you are involved in a paternity action and need an attorney to fight for your legal rights, call Jenkinson Legal today for an initial free consultation to learn your rights in regards to exercising time-sharing with your child(ren).


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